Yocoin treats the all-important blockchain ledger, a fully verifiable public database that's maintained by thousads of independed computers , as a platform on which to build secondary programs that strip out costly middleman from all forms of person to exchange

Yocoin enables smart contracts that function without lawyers; stock exchanges without central clearing houses; financial record-keeping systems that can be verified without an auditor; even tamper-proof voting systems that automaticly guarantee one-person-one-vote


Economic Inclusion
The barrier to participate economically and exchange currency for goods and services was once limited to people able to open bank account. Now, a piece of software can send and/or receive currency on it's own.
Global Computer
Yocoin proposes a global computer that can not only handle transaction but also eventually emulate many of the functions of companies like Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox and Amazon, without the intermediaries who take a slice of the pie.
Mobile applications
Distributed autonomous application can be build using Yocoin, and they can run without any human involvement, under the control of an incoruptible set of business rules that are implemented as publicly auditable open source software distributed across the Blockchain
Yocoin uses the Ethereum network to transact and for storage. Yocoin provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, revolutionizing the digital economy by harnessing the power of an already established blockchain to boost security.
About YOC
Yocoin is how the internet was supposed to work. Yoc proposes a global distributed computer that is the backbone for asset trading, real estate transactions escrow services and even national income distribution systems. Yocoin runs smart contracts: Applications that runs as programmed without any possibilitiy of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.
An easier way to move your money
Right now corporations need managers to pursue the mission statement of the company. But what if, we can encode the mission statement into code; that is, create an inviolable contract that generates revenue, pays people to perform some functions, and finds hardware for itself to run on, all without any need for top-down human direction ? Yocoin allows this to happen.
Multi signature
Yocoin's multi signature are entirely unbreakable, enforceable, and completely secure and simultaneously gives equal rights to both parties involved in the transaction.


+ API to get Smart Contacts details: money supply, balance of any account.
+ API to send YOC and get history of Transactions.
+ Implement fee in YOC for sending coins.
+ Allow users to have multiple addresses in one web wallet account.
+ Android wallet. It will work with web wallet API.
+ Blockchain explorer.
+ Your own exchange.
+ Implement Eth into web wallet to allow our users to send/receive both YOC and Eth with our web wallet. The address users get at web wallet can accept Eth as well.
+ Develop DAO with YOC.
+ travel portal
+ dapps

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