Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


General description of technology - whether it is blockchain-driven or not, smart contract support etc.

This is a blockchain driven platform with smart contracts. Ethash algorithm.

Full node - where to download, how to install and run on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu), documented configuration options and command line arguments.


Detailed documentation for node API, primarily following methods:

Full information:

Whether there is a system of notifications on a new block or incoming transaction (like in Bitcoin Core). If there is - documentation on that system.

Available production-ready solutions (libraries/SDK) for different programming languages.

WEB3 is a collection of libraries which allow you to interact with a local or remote Ethereum node, using an HTTP or IPC connection.

Access to testnet, test online wallets, faucets or other ways to receive test coins.

Links to GitHub and supporting community - Slack, Reddit, Gitter etc.